About Us

Velvet Acres Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue based in Zebulon, NC. We currently house dogs, cats, and small animals available for adoption in foster homes.

Our animals come from a variety of sources including local animal control organizations and shelters, as well as owner surrenders.

We also operate a sanctuary for animals who are not well suited to normal home environments and for those who need a little extra TLC before becoming available for adoption.


Velvet Acres Animal Rescue officially formed in 2017. It is the long-running dream of the co-founders, Emily Gossard and Carissa Clute. Between the two, they had almost 10 years of experience in the animal rescue field, with multiple rescue and sheltering groups, at the time the organization was founded. With all that experience, they formed a solid idea of how they would do things, given the choice, and were not able to find one organization that they really agreed with 100%. From there, it was an easy decision. Both had dreamed of running their own rescue for years and they decided to collaborate and do just that.

Currently, Velvet Acres Animal Rescue has animals for adoption through foster homes exclusively. The plan is to eventually have a shelter facility where the public will be able to visit animals available for adoption. Dogs and cats are the main focus right now but there are plans to include a number of other species in the program as well.

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The Velvet Acres Sanctuary is another aspect of the program that is home to a number of animals as well. These are animals who are not well suited to life in a normal home. Many will live here for the remainder of their lives. Some just need extra care for the time being and may become candidates for adoption at some point in the future.

Check out a gallery of the sanctuary and some of the residents.