Euthanasia Policy

Velvet Acres Animal Rescue operates as a rescue organization, with one of the primary purposes being to end the unnecessary killing of healthy, happy animals. Humane euthanasia is reserved for animals who are suffering physically or mentally and there is little to nothing that can be done to otherwise reduce or end that suffering. Only extreme medical cases or extreme behavior cases will be considered for humane euthanasia. As many other avenues are explored as possible before the decision is made.

“Extreme behavior cases” shall be defined as:

  • Situations where the animal is a danger to itself, other animals, or to people
  • Situations where the animal is consistently inflicting harm on itself and does not respond to treatment within a reasonable amount of time

If space exists, the animal may take up residence in the Velvet Acres Sanctuary. Other sanctuary placement may be sought on a case-by-case basis. Quality of life will be assessed using a number of tools/scales as well as input from daily care givers. In addition, a licensed veterinarian as well as a professional animal behaviorist may be consulted.