Banjo, Kazoo, & Victoria

Est DOB:

June 17, 2023


Domestic shorthair

Banjo – ADOPTED!
I am a brave orange tabby. I love people and am very friendly. I love to roll over to get belly rubs but may get a little excited and want to play with your hand instead. I enjoy playing with my sisters Victoria and Kazoo but I also want to play with you too. I am very talkative and LOVE food! I won’t hesitate to tell you if a meal is running late or if I want your attention.

I’m a very silly guy who absolutely LOVES toys!! Chasing them, carrying them, and especially chewing them! I’ll even growl at my sisters if they comes near me while I have one of my favorite toys in my mouth.

I’m very attached to my sister, Kazoo. We play a lot and when we get tired, we like to cuddle together and fall asleep in a pile. We want to find a home together!

Kazoo – ADOPTED!

I am an adventurous tortoiseshell girl. I love to run and around and wrestle with my siblings, especially Banjo. I love to go explore my surroundings but I can be a little cautious about new people and animals. I get comfortable pretty quickly though! Louds noises and unfamiliar things might startle me into hiding but my curiosity wins out quickly.

I love fluffy rugs and when they are fresh out of the dryer, I love to roll around on them and stretch out for a nap (it’s even better than a bed)! I also really like to have my belly rubbed!

I’m very attached to my brother, Banjo. We play a lot and when we get tired, we like to cuddle together and fall asleep in a pile. We want to find a home together!

I am a playful little torbie, with some light orange patches in my fur. I love to run around and wrestle with my siblings. I am so curious about the world around me and everything in it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a stranger yet. All the people who meet me, love me and I love them and we’re besties immediately! I’m definitely the most adventurous of my siblings. I tend to charge into situations and zip all around to check everything out as fast as possible.

I tend to be pretty independent, not relying on my siblings for much. Though I love to play with them, I’m also happy to play with people or play by myself. I cuddle with them sometimes, but I like my own space as well. I love to get head rubs and be pet, though I like giving love nibbles in return so watch your fingers! I’ve been practicing not doing that but sometimes I just love something so much, I have to nom it!

Banjo, Kazoo, and Victoria have been around cat-savvy dogs with no issues. They are bright, confident kittens who don’t take long to adjust to new things. They are even learning how to sit nicely for nail trims! (A lick mat with Churu is the secret!) Please review our kitten adoption policies if you think one or more of these sweeties might be a match for you.

Medical Info


-Up to date on FVRCP vaccines and rabies vaccines


-Tested negative for FIV/FeLV

How they came to the rescue

This adorable trio were found by a vet tech at our vet’s office. They reached out to see if we had space and we did so they joined us to find their perfect furever homes.

Think you are the right match for one of these kittens? Contact an adoption counselor to get your application code and start the process today!