Est DOB:

April 1, 2023 (estimated)

Current Weight:




DeeDee and her companions just joined us so we are still getting to know her. One of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet, she just wants to be with you. She’s probably somewhere in the 9 months to a year range but there’s no way to be sure. She’s definitely young and definitely sweet, like lick-your-face/hands/anything-within-10-seconds-of-meeting-you sweet.

This girl is incredibly easy to work with, she is motivated by treats AND attention! She’s learning “wait” (before coming out of her crate, before going through the door, before her food is set down), how to check in by making eye contact when out on leash, and has started recognizing her name. Leash skills are also a work-in-progress. DeeDee gets so excited to be out of her crate that she forgets that she is on a leash at all. We play lots of red-light, green-light and she is figuring out how to walk nicely on a loose leash.

DeeDee definitely has some type of hound in her, she LOVES to sniff! We spend a lot of our outdoor time going from smell to smell, and she likes to root around in the leaves to really find the good ones. Her meals get scattered around her crate and folded into a towel for her to hunt and find it all. Since DeeDee loves sniffing so much, scent work classes would be a great activity for her and her new family. She would also love to just take long sniff walks or go for hikes where she gets plenty of chances to smell all the things.

Crate training has been hard for her because she so desperately wants to be with people. She hasn’t had an issue with the pottying part of crate training, just the confinement part. Her water buffalo horn is a helpful part of getting her to settle down and relax and she also does great when given an empty peanut butter jar to clean out.

DeeDee has lived with other dogs (her brother and sister) and would likely do very well with a dog companion to help show her the ropes in her new home. Cats are an unknown right now, she has seen them and is curious but they also make her nervous.

Medical Info


-Up to date on rabies vaccine and DH2PP vaccine


-Tested negative for heartworms and all tick-borne diseases

How they came to the rescue

DeeDee and her two companions wandered up to a gentleman on his daily walk. They followed him home and the search began for their family. No one ever came forward and claimed them so their finder reached out to see if we could help find them homes, and now they’re here!

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