Est DOB:

April 1, 2023 (estimated)

Current Weight:




Dexter and his companions are fairly recent additions so we are still getting to know him. He’s a sweet guy who is a little timid at first but he loves treats! It only takes him a few minutes to warm up and he loves to have his face and chin rubbed.

He’s probably somewhere in the 9 months to a year range but there’s no way to be sure. He’s definitely young and definitely sweet. Dexter has done absolutely amazing in his foster home so far. He is completely crate trained and has never had a single accident in his crate! He isn’t a super-fan of being in it but with a buffalo horn to chew on, he is happy to settle and relax for as long as he needs to. We think he may have picked up on the word “crate” because most of the time now, he goes right in when it’s said.

Dexter is extremely food motivated and has already started learning some great skills because he is so motivated by his meals and treats! He is learning “wait” (before coming out of his crate, or going out the door, as well as before his food is set down), how to check in by making eye contact when outside on leash, and has started learning his name. He has also been doing really well with his leash walking skills. Dexter can be a goof and he sometimes loves to stop for a roll in the leaves and grass when he finds the right spot for it!

There is definitely some type of hound in this handsome guy, he LOVES to get all the sniffs in when we go outside. He even sniffed out a mole in its burrow one morning! He gets his meals scattered on a towel and folded up so he can hunt for it all. Since Dexter is so great at sniffing things out, he would probably love to do scent work classes with his new family or just take lots of long walks so he can smell all the things.

This guy does have some nervous tendencies but it’s nothing that he can’t work through with some treats, training, and patience. New situations are challenging for him but he tends to seek comfort from his person and is always willing to take treats so it’s easy to help him through whatever startled him.

Dexter has lived with other dogs (his sisters) and would likely do very well with a dog companion to help show him the ropes in his new home. Cats are an unknown right now, he has seen them and is curious but they also make him nervous.

Medical Info

-Neuter surgery February 22

-Up to date on rabies vaccine and DH2PP vaccine before adoption

-Microchipped at neuter surgery

-Tested negative for heartworms and all tick-borne diseases

How they came to the rescue

Dexter and his two companions wandered up to a gentleman on his daily walk. They followed him home and the search began for their family. No one ever came forward and claimed them so their finder reached out to see if we could help find them homes, and now they’re here!

Think you are the right match for Dexter or want to foster him? Contact an adoption counselor to get your application code and start the process today!