Mimi – Coming soon!

Est DOB:

April 1, 2023 (estimated)

Current Weight:




Mimi and her companions just joined us so we are still getting to know her. She’s probably somewhere in the 9 months to a year range but there’s no way to be sure. She’s definitely young and definitely sweet. Once she is comfortable with her person, she seems to just want to be with them.

Mimi has done absolutely wonderful adapting to her new life. She took to crate training with no problems at all and only ever had one accident! She caught on to the schedule quickly and doesn’t mind being in her crate, especially if she has her water buffalo horn or an empty peanut butter jar to lick clean. Leash training is also going well! Mimi really doesn’t have much interest in being away from her people so she hardly notices the leash is even there most of the time.

There are some nervous tendencies that we are working on with Mimi but she is incredibly easy to work with since she is motivated by food and attention. She isn’t quite sure of unfamiliar animals, people, or situations but as long as she has her person, she can be very brave!

Unfortunately, Mimi tested positive for heartworms so her stay with us is going to be a longer one, at least several months while she completes treatment.

Medical Info

-Spayed before adoption

-Up to date on rabies vaccine and DH2PP vaccine before adoption

-Microchipped before adoption

-Tested negative for all tick-borne diseases

-Currently undergoing treatment for heartworms

How they came to the rescue

Mimi and her two companions wandered up to a gentleman on his daily walk. They followed him home and the search began for their family. No one ever came forward and claimed them so their finder reached out to see if we could help find them homes, and now they’re here!

Think you are the right match for Mimi or want to foster her? Contact an adoption counselor to get your application code and start the process today!